Wood Processing Machinery

Their popularity the world over began from a start with local clients. This was a very important moment for them as it allowed them to gain experience from direct contact with their end-users. Today this means that they are always able to come up with the right answer to fit the needs of their clients. With the passing of time they have grown from a local company to one working at both a national and international level. One of the secrets of their success in business on such a wide scale is the speed with which they can produce and deliver.
The use of advanced technology helps them to make goods in the shortest of times; thanks also to over 30 skilled workers.
This means that the goods go straight to their clients or to their dealers. Their work overseas makes up an important part of their sales and in fact represents 60% of their turnover. They export to every continent and the main countries they supply are: Russia, Finland, Norway Spain, Australia, New Zealand, England, The Middle East, South Africa, Mexico, Canada and the United States. The constant presence of B.U.P. Utensili at the most important trade fairs for machinery, tools and accessories for working with wood, both on a national and international level, means that their relationship with their clients is constantly reinforced.


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