Woodex 2013

They can meet specific detailed requests and make precise customised products for clients. This is one of their key selling points and one of the things they are most famous for. Their continual investment into high-tech machinery and in specially skilled technicians means that they can produce many different types of tools. These can be divided into six main groups. Shaped tools with interchangeable knives in HM for profiling wood or MDF panels, for doors or kitchen unit doors on routers and CNC work stations. Shaped and flat diamond tools for boring and sizing of unfinished or finished plastic covered chipboard or MDF panels on routers and CNC work stations.
Cutters and knife-holders or groups of shaped tools with interchangeable knives in HM for moulding machines and tenoning machines which can be used for many types of profiling, and on doors and windows. Group of tools with interchangeable knives in HM for arched windows on numerically controlled cutters. The body of the cutter is made using ERGAL light alloy. Shaped and flat cutters for CNC routers with HM interchangeable blades. Solid carbide spiral tools, which are particularly suitable for cutters needing to cut away large amounts of chip, and at high-speed. These products are very successful both because of their high quality and their efficiency.


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